Order Management

We utilize e-Courier software which includes integrated order-entry, dispatch/driver management, invoicing, reporting and customer information management.

Online Ordering

Our customers can enroll in e-Courier online ordering that enables them to place orders online, generate reports, access invoices that have posted to their account and review status updates of the delivery process. On our home page near the "Login" button you can click on "Register" to complete the enrollment process.

Driver Communication

Our drivers and dispatch staff utilize the latest Android devices to communicate each phase of the delivery process. Once the order is dispatched, the driver instantly receives all key information pertaining to the delivery. From their device, the driver can instantly acknowledge receipt, pickup and delivery of the order, then enter the recipients name to provide a proof-of-delivery.

These devices can also be utilized for instant push-to-talk communications, as well as traditional cellular phone service. These GPS enabled units can provide a constant means of communication and location verification between all parties.

As an added measure of security, we subscribe to Mobile Iron on all units which allows us to block all non-related applications on the drivers devices and restricts them from sending secure information to parties outside the e-Courier environment. This helps keep you and your customers order-related information more secure.

GPS Tracking

All communications devices are tracked via GPS and available for dispatch to monitor/verify location on a city-service map. Much of our delivery equipment is also installed with a variety of GPS tracking hardware to provide an additional layer of protection during the delivery process.

Document Scanning

When each account is established, the customer is asked to specify the documentation that is required to be retained for invoicing /payment purposes. Based upon these requirements, all pertinent billing support documents are couriered to a secure, high-volume scanning service that scans these documents for retrieval purposes. Once completed, the original documents are returned to us and the scanned documents are uploaded into e-Courier for customer access. This complete process takes 3-5 business days for hard-copy availability from the date the delivery driver turns in the paperwork. Verbal confirmation and electronic notification are available in real-time as soon as the updates are entered in the drivers device.

Order Tracking/Electronic Notification

Do you want automated notifications during the delivery process? e-Courier will generate email notifications at key points in the delivery process including:

* When the order is placed.
* When the order is picked up.
* When the order is delivered (with proof-of-delivery information).
* When the final charges are approved by billing staff.

This is just one more way of keeping you informed about your delivery status.

Security Features

Our drivers are required to follow a strict security protocol to ensure that the safety and integrity of each order is maintained throughout the delivery process. For those customers utilizing our warehouse facility, we maintain state-of-the-art security and video surveillance systems that are monitored and accessible 24/7/365 over any internet connection throughout the world. Our facility is also fully covered by current technology sprinkler systems and includes controlled access entry doors and yard gates.

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